3 Tips For When You’re Buying A Large Ferris Wheel

If you are an amusement park owner who’s thinking of buying a large ferris wheel to add to their park, then this guide will help you out. In particular, we are going to give you some excellent tips to keep in mind when you are planning to buy a large ferris wheel – so without any further introduction, let’s dig into the tips and get you on the right track to this.

Ferris wheel

Tip 1 – Buying vs renting

Unless your amusement park business is booming, you may find it more effective to simply rent the ferris wheel, rather than purchase one at great expense. Of course, if your park has a lot of profit to reinvest, then buying is a good option. But if you are in the early stages of building and developing your business, you may be safer with a rental deal rather than purchase.

Tip 2 – Negotiate

When you contact your ferris wheel dealer, remember you don’t need to accept the very first rate they offer you. The amusement park business is very seasonal, so if you are shopping around for deals in the fall or winter, you have got a great deal of negotiation power in your hands. This applies when you are buying a ferris wheel, but it also applies when you are renting.

Big ferris wheel

Tip 3 – Look abroad

If you are planning to purchase your large ferris wheel in your own country, then you will certainly save yourself a lot of hassle when it comes to shipment and installation. However, you can actually find fantastic deals for ferris wheels online at http://bestonferriswheel.com/ – especially if you turn to websites like Alibaba, which quickly and easily allow you to trade internationally.

There’s a big world out there, and many other countries are producing fantastic attractions that you’d be proud to host in your own amusement park. What’s more, the currency exchange will often work in your favor, meaning you will make excellent savings compared to shopping at home. In fact, you can pick up a large ferris wheel from http://bestonferriswheel.com/giant-ferris-wheel-for-sale/ for anywhere between $80,000 and $100,000 – and you will be the proud owner of a fantastic large ferris wheel that will bring in visitors from across your city.


Overall, purchasing a large ferris wheel doesn’t have to be a headache. If you are willing to shop around, talk to a variety of suppliers, and consider purchasing a wheel from abroad – it won’t take you long until you find the perfect wheel that will add a great deal of amusement value to your park.

Mini Ferris wheel Rides – Great Addition to Your Parks

The kiddie section in a theme park is often packed with kids and their parents. They even queue long lines, because they can’t get enough of the popular rides.  You can make some great money on the amusement rides because they have such a high popularity that kids will ride them again and again .

Kids rides don’t take up much room because they are usually of small footprints. And these allow you to make full use of your room. The above statements make the children section in your theme parks lucrative.  One ride you are definitely going to to want to have in your theme park is a mini Ferris wheel, for you can never go wrong with the mini Ferris wheel rides.
kiddie mini ferris wheel rides

These tiny Ferris wheels are something the kids must ride on once they go to your parks. For they are small in footprints, you can put them wherever you want. However, small as they are, these miniature ferris wheel rides can hold many kids at a time. Besides, due to the attractive appearances of  these mini ferris wheel rides, children will find it hard to resist .  And thus you can make huge money from the mini kiddie ferris wheel rides.

Kids are going to have a hard time resisting the Ferris wheel and you can get a fantastic return on your investment. The ride is colorful and the kids are drawn to the colors which you can also have customized. The mini Ferris wheel plays happy music which the kids love and it also has lights which draw the kids to the ride. More details are here: http://bestonridesforsale.com/mini-ferris-wheel-for-sale/

miniature ferris wheel rides for kids

The Beston  mini Ferris wheel is made of high quality materials and quality paintings, and these will make these mini ferris wheel rides durable. And then they can make money for you for a long period of time while look new at the same time. Besides,  due to the durable materials and durable paint, Beston built kids ferris wheel rides will not require a lot of maintenance. what’s more, these top quality materials will make the rides safe to ride for kids, so that parents can treat their children a ride on the mini ferris wheel ride without worry. And in return, you can make huge money from your kids ferris wheel rides. In addition, ferris wheel ride is one of the staple amusement rides in theme and amusement parks, so there are many people want to ride on the rides. What’s more, since the mini ferris wheel rides are of small footprints, so they can also be put indoors. In this way, your mini kids ferris wheel can operate all year long to entertain your young guests.

The mini Ferris wheel is going to be super popular in your theme and amusement parks, especially in the kids section. Kids can not resist these cute looking rides, and they will ride the mini ferris wheel rides again and again.

You can never go wrong with a  Ferris wheel ride, whether the large one or the small ones for kids. And they are always perfect ride for any theme park.  The mini Ferris wheel is a fantastic addition to any theme park and you can’t go wrong with one. If you are interested in other amusement rides, please check here: http://bestonridesforsale.com/

Matters Needing to Consider to Purchase A Giant Ferris Wheel

While most of us have fond memories of riding a Ferris wheel, very few of us would have it in their minds to buy a ferris wheel for sale. Not unless if they own or have plans of owning an amusement.

However, for those who are curious, there is such a thing as a ferris wheel for sale online. If you don’t believe us, just type in “Ferris wheel for sale” on Google or any other search engine. Ferris wheels, no matter what their brand or model look basically the same. They are large wheels that have seats hanging from them.

amusement park giant ferris wheel

Giant observation wheel for sale in Beston

People ride them to have an exciting time, although many boyfriends prefer them because they can be cuddly with their girlfriends.

Ferris wheels for sale are not cheap. We did some research and found the cheapest one to be at $45,000 with the most expensive pegged at over $300,000. The huge difference in price can be attributed to the fact that while one is second hand, the other one is brand new. Also, there are differences in their exterior embellishments. There are also big difference between the giant carnival ferris wheel price and the kiddie ferris wheel prices in Beston.

kiddie ferris wheel for sale

double ferris wheel for sale

Anyway, if you own an amusement park, you don’t need to pay for the whole price one time. You can get this ride on installment through financing. There are financing companies out there that provide money for buying amusement equipment. The good thing about these companies is that the loans are charged with low interest rates. There are also some quality amusement park rides for sale in Pakistan.

gaint ferris wheel price

Giant carnival wheel rides in Beston

Anyway, there are many places online where you can buy a ferris wheel. Make sure you that you deal only with a reputable seller. The same goes for dealing with a financing company make sure that you deal only with a reputable one. Do some due diligence. You can’t go wrong that way with your purchase. Want to know more amusement park equipment details? Please check out this website here: http://bestonamusementequipment.com.